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Just like the designated hitter (DH) in baseball is focused on the job of batting, I like to focus on ColdFusion web development. However, once in a while the manager will call upon his DH to play a position in the field. I too have other skills that I utilize from time to time.

I started developing websites back in college around 1994 when the web was young. My first site was a fan site for the band Hootie & the Blowfish. It was created well before they had a site of their own. I knew I was on my way when I got an email from their manager saying he liked the site. In 1999 I learned ColdFusion while working for Syntegra, and got hooked on it right away. Syntegra acquired a small web development company called Creative Internet Solutions and they were known as the best shop in the web business for ColdFusion development. I picked up many best practices working alongside some very savy developers. Getting projects started is often quick and easy with all my past code examples to help speed up development time. The work I prefer is smaller-scale projects, where I'm involved 5-10 hours a week and can complete within three months. Please keep in mind WebDH.com is not my full time job, just something I enjoy doing on the side.

Here's my scouting report:

  • BS in Computer Science, St. Cloud State University, May 1996.
  • Certified "Advanced" ColdFusion MX developer, Sept 2003. Name listed here for CFMX
  • Certified ColdFusion 5.0 developer, May 2000. Name listed here for CF5
  • Allaire Certified ColdFusion 4.5 developer at Brainbench. Transcript ID: 2478161
  • Databases: SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Sybase
  • Graphics: 16x16 icons, Flash

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